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Affordable Adventures - Experience the best hunting in the world from the comfort, warmth, and safety of the nicest, best equipped, and most successful charter vessels in Alaska. You no longer have to hunt from a cabin or sleep in a cold damp tent. Cover dozens of miles of shoreline a day. You can hunt harder knowing you can warm up with a hot meal and a shower at the end of the day. You are fed like kings, sleep in warm dry bunks, wear dry clothes each day, and spend the evenings lounging around the large salon area sharing your story of the day while sipping the beverage of your choice. All of our hunts include excellent home cooked meals, lots of snacks, lodging, warm dry bunks, the use of VHF radios, professional USCG licensed Captains, and plenty of good times.



Your meat and hides are kept dry and in an optimum condition. As the game moves, so does the boat, so you are always in a fresh and productive area. Our mission is to make sure your trip is one you will look back on with fond memories for the rest of your life.

Most of our hunts are unguided. We are licensed transporters. We take you to and from the field and take care of you while you are on one of our vessels. We cannot assist you with actual stalking, taking, or caring of your animal. We do have videos on the boat, books and manuals that can instruct you on proper skinning techniques.

If you would prefer a guide we can provide one for you.  Most hunts are priced both ways. A guided hunt would actually be under two different contracts.

When shopping around be sure to inquire about some of these needed luxuries to make your hunt not only successful but also enjoyable. We provide:

  • Watermaker. Water shortage is not a factor. Everyone can shower everyday if they'd like to.

  • Restrooms. We have 3 heads.

  • Staterooms. Three staterooms with 2 guests per room. Separate bunks and a closet in each room.

  • Meat locker. Our meat locker is dry, well vented, and the capacity to hold 24 deer.

  • Covered deck. While skinning or processing your game a covered deck is a must haveduring inclimate weather.

  • Drying room. We offer a complete separate room for drying your gear out.Your buddys wet socks aren't hanging over your seat.

  • Freezer space. We have a chest freezer on board to put capes, ducks, and some hides in.

  • Spacious dining and leisure area. We have seating for 18. Room to stretch out, literally.


What to Bring Hunting...

Deer Hunts are limited to 100 lbs of gear per person (you may leave heavy rifle cases at the Air Charter office in Kodiak). Black Bear, Brown Bear, and Mountain Goats have no gear limit.

  1. Rifle. Bring a suitable caliber for what you are hunting. We recommend using at least a .300 magnum for all species we hunt. Bring a shotgun if you are coming during duck season.

  2. Extra Ammunition.

  3. High Quality Hunting Boots. Hip boots for bear hunts.

  4. High Quality Rain Gear. Waterproof fleece seems to work best.

  5. Layered Hunting Clothing.

  6. A Day Pack.

  7. A Pack Frame with Rope.

  8. Game Bags.

  9. Knives, Saw, and Sharpener.

  10. Small Flashlight.

  11. Camera.

  12. Binoculars.

  13. Gun Cleaning Kit. Salt water is very corrosive.

  14. Sleeping Bag and Pillow. A very light inexpensive bag works best.

  15. Towel and Washcloth. We have a shower on board.

  16. Comfortable Lounging Clothes and Shoes.

  17. Personal Items.

  18. Other items. Light gloves, stocking cap, baseball type cap, sunglasses.



Buy Your Hunting & Fishing Licenses Online
Link to Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game
You will receive your license by mail.
Allow 2 weeks for delivery.

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